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It’s that day of the year. Booze shopping and don’t forget to call your mom to thank her.  She got offended because her present had dad’s name on it and I thanked him. Mess as always. Party. People. What do I wear? Whatever. Soon I am happy under the influence. Hey here, hello there. I feel a bit special. Whiskey. I don’t remember. Pictures say I had fun and I tend to believe them. I look better on my friend’s camera. More alcohol, don’t remember what. Dancing. It’s dark. Candles on a cinnamon bun. I confiscate my camera from a drunk dude so it can live another day. No more pics but I still think it was fun. More influence. Great DJ. My friends are making out. LOL.  I love my friends.

It’s late. Or maybe early. People leaving. I see her sobbing in the corner. Oh, it’s also that other time of the year. Just in 4 days. My birthday is always bittersweet. I give her a hug with him looking at me from the pictures on the wall. I feel it’s my fault somehow. Maybe if it wasn’t time for my birthday, then it wouldn’t be time for… 3 years. Flowers. Obituary on the pole at the deadly exit. I still miss him. Ride in heaven!

…It’s morning. Only a few left. Loud Bulgarian music. Some people are pissed for something so I try to evacuate the probable culprits/victims. Can’t make them leave. Finally. It’s bright outside. Walking. I wanna go home. Somehow instead I end up at another apartment with gin and tonic in my hand. And I believe there was another one after. Frustration. Crashed on the chair in the corner. Vaguely remember being woken up to move to the couch. Maybe I snored. Snuggle. It felt good for a few minutes. If only I didn’t need to pee.

Pub crawl. It somehow sounded like a good idea. Lizard. 13percent beer. Another round. Shattered glass. Next. One of us is too drunk to be served. Next. Toad. Beer in the early afternoon with fellow alcoholics at the bar. Spilled glass. Another round. More spillage. We got a hint to take our drunk friend away. Outside. Taxi. Drunk gone. Three left and back in the bar. He, She and I.

Finally home. I don’t remember how we got here. Three of us. Or why? I must have given directions… There is another party tonight. We crash for a few hours. Awake for a quick food fix and back to bed. I feel like partying again tonight. They are tired. Snuggle. Nice. Three of us. Awkward. Well, too late for that party now. Let’s watch a movie. I drink wine. Lord of war. He is napping in my lap. Back to bed. Three of us. It’s weird. I can’t sleep. I still don’t know if I was the third wheel or the lead in the story. I wish…

Morning again. He leaves. She leaves. I stay. My birthday party is officially over.

Time to clean the mess!


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