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Градина, пролет, май, цветя,
скамейка, шепот сладък.
И сред цветята Той и Тя,
любов и тъй нататък.

Поля, природа, красота,
река, гора, нататък,
природа, сбъдната мечта,
възторг и тъй нататък.

Годеж, венчило, поп и брак,
момент безумно кратък,
после проза, скука, мрак,
деца и тъй нататък.

Курорт, море, приятен смях,
простор, вълни оттатък,
възбуда, трепет, сладък грях,
рога и тъй нататък.

Полуда, нежност, сълзи, плач,
плесник и писък кратък,
багаж, билет, дете, носач,
развод и тъй нататък.

Нахалник, пари, кола,
вертеп и той сред мрака,
кафе, билярд, квартира, ключ,
жени и тъй нататък.

Бастун, легло, юрган, приют,
глава с перчем окапъл,
цокало, карти сноп, албум,
легло и тъй нататък.

Наследници, камбанен звън
и яма сред цветята,
лопата, кирка, поп и кръст,
ковчег без тъй нататък.

Радой Ралин


*Първите четири строфи на „Безглаголно стихотворение“ на Радой Ралин са преписани почти дословно от стихотворението „Обикновена история“, чийто автор е известният поет-сатирик Фома Фомич– псевдоним на Тома Измирлиев (1895 – 1935) , брат на Христо Смирненски.


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Way back when I first started  this blog, I posted a list with adventures and it’s only fair that, now that I start writing again, I keep the trend and introduce a new list. This one, however, is a simple to-do list. A single girl’s to-do list. A set of guidelines that will help me begin my new life.

Being all newly single, something I haven’t been for a while… hmm more like since high school not counting the short weeks in between… Anyway, so all fresh on the market, I realized that I don’t know how to be really single, or in a relationship for that matter;  was always something of an inbetweener! So to teach me some important girl lessons, a friend of mine gave me the book “The Single Girl’s To-Do List” just before she left for the other end of the world. The perfect cure for heartbreak, she said. And it was! I was a bit skeptic at first (I’m not big on the chick flick books) but with bursts of laughter here and there, gettng  many weird looks in the metro or in the street (yes, I walk and read at the same time), I learned one ore two things about starting over… this being a recurring theme this month!

… And here it is. The list as featured in the book. The one that step by step will lead me to total recovery…

1. Have a complete makeover –  hair, makeup, clothes, my transformation has started, and I must admit my new short do attracts quite some looks from les parisiens.

2. Keep a regime – diet, exercise, and all the good stuff; I already have a cute running partner, but hands off until the list is completely ticked off.

3. Do something extreme – as I have already done a bunjee jump, I have to find something else. Does Oktoberfest count?

4. Get a tattoo – been wanting that for ages, so no reason to wait more… it’s on the list after all!

5. Find a date for dad’s wedding – considering my dad’s not getting married again soon as far as I know, I can put New Year’s as a deadline

6. Buy something obsecenely expensive – maybe finally I’ll get that motorcycle I’ve been craving for so long

7. Write a letter to your ex – get closure in a way, but might wait a little considering my utter fear from expressing my feelings

8. Travel – that might be the easiest on the list, got some destinations already lined up

9. Contact your first crush – sort of like coming full circle

10. Break the law – that can double up with “do something your ex wouldn’t approve of”

And no excuses… The list is always right!

PS. Have to credit my inspiration to Lindsey Kelk for writing the book and Marissa Starvaggi for being a great friend and giving it to me 🙂

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Darkness. The sticky palps of the night are spreading throughout the sleeping town. Nightmarish smell. Weight. I sneak like a terrorist down, down the multiple stairs. I feel tiny under the huge load. Walking slowly and quietly, I carefully conceal my footsteps. I look around for some curious neighbor. It’s clear. The operation is a go… I run like a chased doe, but soon I have to stop under the weight of this back-breaking load. Finally I get to the final destination. A noise. I panic… Calm down! It’s just a stray cat. I catapult the load. Oh God, I made it!

Well, it is not that easy to throw out the trash…

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Lost Love

Long time ago, when I was maybe 12 or so, I was with my dad shopping for New Year’s presents, and he bought my mom two tiny books wrapped together. They told me that I am too young to read them, so of course, one day soon after, I secretly opened them and started reading carefully page after page. Those tiny books were the two volumes of an anthology of the timeless Bulgarian love poetry.

I was lying in my bed, slowly going through the books taking in every line, and wanting to feel like those people in the poems did. I wanted to love, even though I didn’t know what love is (I still don’t). Thus page by page I reached a poem that was different. I read it again and again, and then and there it became my most favourite love poem; even now this is one of the few poems that I know by heart. It is called “I believe in silent love” (“Аз вярвам в мълчаливата любов”) by a poet named David Ovadia (Давид Овадия) and it was his only piece in the two books. Here is the original:

Аз вярвам в мълчаливата любов

Без думи, без красиви обещания,
без упреци, без молещи уста,
аз вярвам само в нямото страдание,
в сподавения порив на кръвта.

Очи, в които погледа не гасне,
докосването нежно на ръце
от клетви, от несдържан плач по ясно
говорят на човешкото сърце.

Тя всичките прегради побеждава!
Тя – вечен огън и нестихващ зов!
Как нея ще отминеш, ще забравиш?
Аз вярвам в мълчаливата любов.

….and here is my unfortunate try to translate it in English. I’m not exactly a good writer, let alone a poet, so bear with me:

I believe in silent love.

No names, no pretty promises,
No blame, no pleading word,
I just believe in silent misery,
In the stifled passion of the blood

The eyes, with never dying flame,
The gentle touch of longing arms
Than vows, than cry untamed,
Much clear voice the human heart.

She all the obstacles will conquer!
She – eternal flame, undying call!
How could you leave, forget her?
I believe in silent love above all.

A few days ago, I do not even remember why, this poem came back to my mind. I thought how beautiful it is, and how perfect and serene of a feeling it transcends. And then it hit me… I can never feel like that. I can never have silent love. I talk way too much!

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