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Head slightly bent backwards, the eyes fixed on the bright sky, and shivers covering my whole body. Completely mesmerized, I can’t even produce a single sigh… I feel it all – the colours, the sounds, the power of the moment.

Le Grand Feu de Saint Cloud –  a fairytail in the sky!

And it was not just me, approximately 20 000 more people just could not take their eyes off the burning sky at that very moment.  A truly amazing experience, Le Grand Feu de Saint Cloud is the largest fireworks display in Europe which managed to keep me utterly speechless for two hours… and that’s usually not easy.

The show started with a short lecture and display of the different types of fireworks – there were flames, fountains, burnings, Bengals, gusts, fire rhythms and percussion; in general a wide variety of colours and shapes with their different names in French, which even if I did remember could hardly translate. People all around were getting settled on their picnic blankets with a bottle of wine here and there and a pillow or a significat other for keeping it comfortable.  A small warning was also issued in the form of a little big fire (petit grand feu) to just show us what was coming… and then it was time…

With a blast the real big fire started,  sending an explosion of colours to light the sky. Coming from all around there were pink and green and blue and gold sparkles falling down, while different energizing and patriotic sounding french marches accompanied the continuous multitude of fireworks. Then silence. The music stopped to give way to the real sound of the fireworks and  make the spectators feel the explosion deep inside. Some more lyrical music music followed with the romantic colours  illuminating the sky of Saint-Cloud setting the mood for the perfect kiss. A constant slight breeze cleared the sky from the smoke and made sure that all my thoughts are blown away from my head. My body at the top of its senses, my hairs straight up in the air…  wait, I thought I shaved my legs

My heart stopped for a second when a familiar sound filled the air and sent me back in time with a smile on my face. Prodigy echoed in the sky to completely electrify the atmosphere along with the increasing intensity of the blasts just before… The big bang!… as the Earth did millions years ago (or billions, I’m not clear on the exact timing) the sky exploded in tiny little colourful pieces that were then falling all around me. No photo can be even close to capturing the magic of the moment; no video can transcend the feeling…The grand finale! http://www.vimeo.com/28885320

…and then the sky was all black again and the silence was deafening…


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