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Lost Love

Long time ago, when I was maybe 12 or so, I was with my dad shopping for New Year’s presents, and he bought my mom two tiny books wrapped together. They told me that I am too young to read them, so of course, one day soon after, I secretly opened them and started reading carefully page after page. Those tiny books were the two volumes of an anthology of the timeless Bulgarian love poetry.

I was lying in my bed, slowly going through the books taking in every line, and wanting to feel like those people in the poems did. I wanted to love, even though I didn’t know what love is (I still don’t). Thus page by page I reached a poem that was different. I read it again and again, and then and there it became my most favourite love poem; even now this is one of the few poems that I know by heart. It is called “I believe in silent love” (“Аз вярвам в мълчаливата любов”) by a poet named David Ovadia (Давид Овадия) and it was his only piece in the two books. Here is the original:

Аз вярвам в мълчаливата любов

Без думи, без красиви обещания,
без упреци, без молещи уста,
аз вярвам само в нямото страдание,
в сподавения порив на кръвта.

Очи, в които погледа не гасне,
докосването нежно на ръце
от клетви, от несдържан плач по ясно
говорят на човешкото сърце.

Тя всичките прегради побеждава!
Тя – вечен огън и нестихващ зов!
Как нея ще отминеш, ще забравиш?
Аз вярвам в мълчаливата любов.

….and here is my unfortunate try to translate it in English. I’m not exactly a good writer, let alone a poet, so bear with me:

I believe in silent love.

No names, no pretty promises,
No blame, no pleading word,
I just believe in silent misery,
In the stifled passion of the blood

The eyes, with never dying flame,
The gentle touch of longing arms
Than vows, than cry untamed,
Much clear voice the human heart.

She all the obstacles will conquer!
She – eternal flame, undying call!
How could you leave, forget her?
I believe in silent love above all.

A few days ago, I do not even remember why, this poem came back to my mind. I thought how beautiful it is, and how perfect and serene of a feeling it transcends. And then it hit me… I can never feel like that. I can never have silent love. I talk way too much!


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