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Start Over…

For the last almost 20 years September was the actual time a new year would start for me… it wasn’t really the 1st of January, or the first day of spring; not my birthday either… So many times in early September I would anxiously count down the days to the first day of classes or sadly curse the people who made the summer break so short… I would have impossible fights with my mom over the new clothes she wants to buy me for school or gather the old books to sell them and maybe buy something I would actually wear… I would get together with friends to catch up on our summer adventures and the consequences of them 😉 …or pack my bags to fly to a foreign country and start over with school, work and life…

And somewhat instinctively with the start of another year, I reached back to my old dusty blog and decided it was time to restart it.  Just because September is the beginning of it all… because I feel the need to start my whole life all over, and here on the white pages I can make it the one I really want. Over the last 15 months my life turned upside down and inside out way too many times – I moved, I traveled, I met people and left more, I tried and failed, and then kept trying and failing, having no idea where I’m going and what I’m looking for. I was lost… and still am, so I need a change. But first, I have to restart… It always helps Windows after all, so why not me?!

So here it starts all over again. Explore. Dream. Discover. .. yourself!


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